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The Muppets Attractv.wav- Bunson- "Why Beaker, you're hauntingly attractive today"

Memememe.wav- Beaker- "me me me me me"

Coffee.wav- Gonzo- "Somebody get me a coffee!"

Kermit.wav- Kermit- "Heigh-ho, Kermit de Frog here"

Phenom.wav- Phenomen, do doo dodo do

Swedchef.wav- Swedish Chef gibberish 

Diffrent.wav- Stadler and Waldorf- "Well that was different" "Yep lousy, but different" Back to Kickass Vault All sounds, fonts and pictures contained or linked from this site retain their original copyright as owned by their respective production companies. All sound files are for review, learning, and criticism or for review for movie purchase purposes. The folks who made The Kickass Sound Vault hold no responsibility or liability from misuse or abuse of these files. Email me here: